Meet the Proprietors of Catnip Time

Miss Rita

She's the boss, and she ain't playin' around. (Well mostly not. Not unless there is a nice knotted string involved, or a stick under a blanket. Oooo sticks and blankets make nice pouncing games....)

Miss Rita Picture

Maudie the Marauder

While you can't see her lovely Goth Gurl black lipstick in this picture, you can sure see her attitude. She can get silly if she needs to. She is also capable of teleporting, and she has incomparable spots.

Maude Picture

Max Sparkler, P.I.

Max is the name, and investigating trouble is his game. (He investigates it so he can get in on it, mainly.) Sometimes goes under the alias "Mr. Bitey" or "Pinkerton."

Max Sparkler Picture

Catnip Time Recommends
Sojos Certified Organic Catnip is hand-harvested, 100-percent certified organic catnip grown in Washington's Cascade Mountains. Just sprinkle a small pinch for your cat to play with and smell.