For July, we've decided to do some patriotic songs, one for the Fourth of July, and one for Bastille Day. I suppose you humans won't think these are patriotic, but we're not humans, we're cats.

"This Couch Is My Couch"

(sung to the tune of "This Land is Your Land")

This couch is MY COUCH
This couch is MY COUCH
from the ripped up cushions
to the sun-soaked pillows
from the tattered arm-rests
to the shredded back panel
this couch was made for just my claws

"Arise Hungry Cats"

(sung to the tune of "La Marseillaise")

Arise you hungry cats from everywhere
the can of tuna has arrived.
Listen to the can opener grind.
Smell the albacore in the air
Smell the albacore in the air
packed in fresh pure spring water.
But wait, make sure you get your share!
We know that humans only give
a small portion to their friendly felines.

To paws, kitty cats!
Run under foot real fast
Trip up, trip up, make sure they fall
and drop it on the floor!


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